12 comments on “5. Bliss and Transcendence

  1. “Whip me like you fuck me. With passion and love and fire. I want to feel your strength. I want to feel your will overcome mine. Strike hard and win me. Make me yours.”

    Such powerful words…so enlightening

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  2. I’m loving this. I especially enjoy the alternation of hard and soft: a test of wills followed by sensuous lovemaking.

    “Had there always been something missing in my relationships with men? Was I now finding the unknown element that had been lacking? … There was such exhilaration and loss of control.”

    I wonder if this is that she has found the allure of the feminine, or if she has found that part of her that needs to be dominated? I like the phrase loss of control, here. It’s used to describe her passionate response to Silvie but also resonates with the theme of the story.

    Very well done.

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    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.

      Good question 🙂
      Yes. And a paradox perhaps. We seek control but is it actually loss of control leads to freedom? It brings to mind the famous William Blake quote “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom”. I’m not sure it always does but it can.
      But does deliberately and voluntarily giving up control of yourself to another (in the bdsm sense) also lead to a kind of freedom? Is it not the same as submission and service in the religious sense?

      It’s certainly a big turn on 🙂


      • Ha, I’ve never thought of it like religious submission, but it is exactly that. Love the quote as well.

        I’ve been reading Arthurian stories recently, and I’m also intrigued by the relationship of knight and lady. In those stories, the knight swears obedience to his lady, in some cases despite the fact that the woman is already married (i.e. Guenevere and Lancelot). There’s a rich relationship of power, romance without hope of sex, all kinds of meanings of love… And at the bottom of all of it: submission. The powerful, violent knight submits willingly to his gentle yet stern lady. And the knight gains freedom.

        (Ok, now I’m kind of turned on. I may need to write that story!)

        This is all brilliant. I’m having so much fun reading and discussing your blog. Thanks again!

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      • Thank you so much. There is no reason why erotica shouldn’t be for the mind too. 🙂
        Love the Arthurian idea.
        The next series of stories “Slave Tales: The Hunt” explores a kind of medieval fantasy world. They are about a slave girl who must prove herself to her Mistress in a hunt. It’s not finished yet (I’m very slow) so I won’t say too much but it also explores how she perceives her freedom through submission.

        Thank you so much for your very kind and interesting comments!


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