12 comments on “6. Strike Dear Mistress And Cure Her Heart

  1. “The rest of the book talked about how stress and negativity were the great enemies of the female orgasm. But then I thought stress and negativity were probably going to be the great enemies of most things anyway, including the male orgasm, so what else was new?.”

    Stress can also be the motivation for the quest of sexual transcendence. The heightened sensations and the temporary loss of the ego are heady drugs for the chronically stressed. The question is, how do you achieve sexual transcendence?

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  2. “She ordered me to keep my legs apart and, for the next few minutes, my still tender, freshly shaved pussy received the brunt of the blows. They were powerful and never missed their target. Crack! Crack!”

    Love this. “Crack! Crack!”. Sounds familiar, heh? Seems like we were just talking about that yesterday. Very hot.

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  3. Oh, this is a perfect little treasure:

    “In her hands the whip licked, snapped and bit like a starving dog.”

    That’s a line that will make a woman come, if she hadn’t already… 🙂

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  4. Now you’ve done it. That was a magnificent chapter. The dialogue is hot, fast. The language is lovely. The whipping is hot. Very well done. It’s quite lovely and I always enjoy your writing…

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