11 comments on “18. Silvie

  1. I have just finished reading your story. I am aroused. I was entertained. I was captivated by your details and the emotion that sprang from the blog. Well done. I know there is more in you. Exposed it…let us all get intoxicated by your words.

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  2. There is something interesting going on in this chapter. Let’s see if I can capture it…

    War. We begin with war. War is a robber.

    We end with the redemption of selflessness. Relinquishing herself, Silvie finds peace. War steals, but in giving herself up, she finds healing and love.

    The point of war is pain. It has no other purpose than to cause as much suffering to the enemy as possible.

    The point of Madame’s pain is pleasure. It has no other purpose than to refine. Like a soldier in training, as you said in the story.

    The whip is fire. I enjoy that image. War is fire, too.

    This chapter is very good. 🙂

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