18 comments on “Slave Tales: The Hunt (XIX) – “The Kiss of the Cane”

    • Wow! Thank you so much! That is a great compliment and… “a lovely dripping slave state of mind” That’s a beautiful way to be, isn’t it? :). And very much what I love to write about. Thank you again.

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      • I find that it’s like you’ve entered my mind in your writing and real eased my most dark fantasies. The freedom and joy in being used that you express in your writing is like nothing else I have read. I once told Sir, I am the most free I’ve ever been because I am your slave.

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      • Again, thank you so much. That means a lot to me. And spurs me on to continue writing
        Yes, the freedom and joy and true beauty of submission – giving all of oneself and the reward that brings – this is what I have tried to describe in my own very amateurish way in these posts.
        Submission is beautiful and precious. And yes it can, in the right hands, deliver us to a kind of freedom which may be difficult for others to conceive. You are lucky. And so is your Sir – if I may be permitted to say so.
        Much love to you both.

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