15 comments on “The New Attraction

      • I did, very much. I also liked the interaction with the customers, her inner dialogue with them. And how she went through the range of emotions with the pain. So real. Exactly the crazy thoughts that go through my head went beaten.

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      • Wow. Yes. Thank you! it really means a lot to get a comment like yours and to know that I can share what goes through my head too and connect with people and get it (more or less) right. The description of having her tits whipped, for example, is exactly me and what I feel. I love it and that’s exactly what goes through my head. There is no feeling like it.

        This is my longest post so far. And one of my favorites too. I wanted to get everything in there 😉 I wanted it to be real but strange and otherworldly too, as you say. Above all I want her to come over as a kind of heroine. Someone beautiful (internally as well as externally) and brave and strong and horny and sensual and loving. And – dare I say it – spiritual.

        That is what I think subs are really. In all my posts I want to celebrate that.

        And to turn people on of course 😉

        Thank you again. Really. It means a lot. Have a great and sexy day!

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  1. Wooow! I love the way you write. This story is superb. Despite English is not my first language I can understand and feel the emotion very deep inside of me. Congratulations!

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    • Thank you so much for commenting. A comment like yours really means a lot and inspires me to write more.

      This post is one of my favourites too 😉

      Veo por tu twitter que eres Española. Si quieres decir algo en Español pues me va muy bien 🙂 Gracias!!!

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