“Besos De Cuero”

“Besos De Cuero”

A serial.

A chance meeting with two women on a French train leads Amaia, a young student, to Paris and to sexual enlightenment. At the hands of the two dominant women she learns that pain and pleasure can lead to intense ecstasy – and transcendence.

A Journey into BDSM, Life, Love and Liberation…

cropped-pierre-corratge-le-photographe-des-corps-et-des-visages_192293_800x600.jpgPhoto – Pierre Corratge


1. On The Train
“Then her eyes descended and she was quite plainly looking at my breasts. It was summer and I was only wearing light clothes – cut-off shorts and a white sleeveless top. No bra. And she seemed to be looking right through my top.”

2. “You only get one chance”
They led me back into the empty college gym and made me perform my gymnastic routine for them naked.”

3. Realms of Bliss, Realms of Light
“I felt proud. My body was in its prime. I wanted them to see me. And to take pleasure in me.”

4. Un objet d’art
Was I now her slave begging for morsels? Or even worse an ornament to be hung for amusement? A toy to be cruelly played with and then thrown away?”

5. Bliss and Transcendence
“If you get to punish me, I want you to do it with the same intensity with which you just made love to me. Whip me like you fuck me. With passion and love and fire. I want to feel your strength. I want to feel your will overcome mine. Strike hard and win me. Make me yours.”

6. Strike dear mistress and cure her heart
“She put the blindfold on me, and we entered the dining room. Now sightless, I felt the adrenaline surge through me, every square inch of my defenseless naked body tingled with the anticipation of some unforeseen danger. Each second seemed charged with possibilities. Pain? Pleasure? A caress? Or the first lash of a merciless whipping?
I felt totally and utterly alive.”

7. The Whipping Trees
She looked so strong – her golden tan, muscular thighs and majestic naked torso gave her the appearance a beautiful Spartan athlete. Aroused, I stretched my arms above my head and pushed my pussy forward yielding it willingly to the lashes.

8. The Punishment of Silvie (I)
I was alone in a room with a beautiful girl, whom I desired like no other, and who was kneeling cuffed and bound and, apparently, at my mercy.

9. The Punishment of Silvie (II)
“You can do anything you want to me. You can test me. Push me to the limit. Do you really want to know the truth?”

10. Surrender
“The vibrating bliss penetrated further and deeper into me puncturing my reason until there were no more questions or ideas or even thoughts and all that remained was the sweet hum of delirium.”

11. For Your Pleasure (I)
I writhed captive to a desire that was constant and relentless. I craved the sensual touch of bare flesh on mine.”

12. For Your Pleasure (II)
How could the whip make such sweet music?

13. Sisters of Belos
We loved each other and desired only love and pleasure for each other – even if it meant we were not always the source of it.

14. A Gift
The wine was going to my head now and my heart raced knowing that tonight he would be mine to use, savor and explore.

15. The Temple
Madame put her hand on my thigh and flicked the whip at his back. I watched captivated as his rounded ass clenched and his straining naked body heaved the cart up the hill.

16. The Temple (II)
He knew it was coming. But he did not know when. Each second that passed would be a torment of anticipation and dread. So I waited…

17. The Temple (III)
His only sanctuary lay within my pussy and he would crave the heavenly release it offered him.

18. Silvie
Hers to use or to heal. As she willed it. So be it.

19. New Skin
What had I learned in these glorious chimerical summer weeks?

20. La Maîtresse
After a while I thought of these submissions as Madame’s little “epiphanies” and began to look forward to them.

21. The Cross
I wished only that my words might fall softly like feathers on their beautiful nakedness, caress their lovemaking and stir them to even greater ecstasy.

22. The Cross (II)
It was so inhuman it was godlike. It was a hungry gluttonous little mechanical deity that drilled a well of bliss inside me that ran so deep I craved to dive into it and bathe there forever.


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