“Heaven and Hell”

What if Heaven and Hell were one and the same?


tumblr_muks5p86nP1s1qf6no1_400Image – author unknown


Kitty is a vivacious lusty girl from a dying planet who is abducted and taken as a pleasure slave aboard a strange craft where she immediately becomes the “Captain’s pet”.

She enjoys her new life – and the extremely physical sex that goes with it – but her only problem is she is just a little bit too curious for her own good  and one day is caught up on the craft’s observation deck without permission. The Captain reluctantly agrees that Kitty must be sent down to “Engineering” in order to “teach her a lesson”.

Escorted by the sadistic female Officer Ryder and wearing only a pair of nipple clamps, Kitty discovers that “Engineering” is a very strange place indeed and that heaven and hell can sometimes be indistinguishable.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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