“Whipsongs” (Short Stories)


Short Stories

Tales of confession, submission and the beauty of whipping.

Despair, Verzweiflung, 1926, by Rudolf Koppitz

Image – Rudolph Koppitz


Ready For Use “I was just a utensil. My Mistress’ little pepper pot.”


Whipsong My Mistress continued. “But it is her singing that gives me the most pleasure. Her song under the whip is the most beautiful whipsong I have ever heard.”


The Confessor – “I looked at that pussy. It was far more appetizing than an expensive cigar or a fine brandy. Far healthier for the soul too. It was simply begging to confess its sins to me.”


The Zadhyr
A story of magic and lust.

“And you brought this dangerous violent creature into my house?”

“Well, as I said, they are guardians of the tribe’s fertility and they say that making love with a zadhyr is the best fuck you will ever have in your life.”

He laughed and once more his eyes twinkled. “So I thought he might interest you.”

There was such an evil look on his face that I didn’t know whether to blush or laugh.

“That say it’s almost supernatural. Ecstasy of the most agonizing kind. Your whole body tormented by waves of unbearable pleasure until your mind dissolves into a kind of transcendent euphoria. It’s as close as you can get to making love with one of the gods.”

He chuckled, “Be careful you don’t get addicted.”



The Slave Girl and the Shepherd Boy

Thousands of years ago, in a world of slaves and gods…


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