“The Hunt”

“Slave Tales: The Hunt”

A serial.

In a brutal medieval world of slaves and masters, Bella is a beautiful young pleasure slave who is entirely devoted to her Mistress. One day her Mistress sets her a task and enters her for the traditional Thanasius Slave Hunt. When she is captured by the hunters she must prove herself – just to survive.

russ freeman

Image- Russ Freeman


The Hunt (I) – A Seminary Slave
Another world, another time. The town of Thanasius, the Slave Seminary, the Slave Games and Mistress Theia. “She said watching me flogged was the most graceful, sensual and beautiful thing she had ever seen.

The Hunt (II) – The Slave Games
The Slave Games, “The most popular of these contests is the “Kiss of Leather.” The trophy goes to the Master or Mistress who can bring a female slave to orgasm by the kiss of leather alone.”

The Hunt (III) – A Prinstine Virgin
Bella needs a man.”My sex required a man’s passion. A hard brutish desire to hold me still and penetrate me and raise me and make me soar…”

The Hunt (IV) – Mistress Theia
Mistress Theia informs Bella she has been entered for the Slave Hunt, “It wasn’t just what they might do to me when they caught me. I’d get a whipping and be used for sure but they’d be able to do anything they wanted to me and I would have to submit to it.”

The Hunt (V) – The Arena
The Slave Hunt begins, “In rows of ten, in a field painted in flames of yellow and orange, one hundred slaves, both male and female, penned in on all sides by whip-wielding horsemen, stood naked under a savage burning sun.

The Hunt (VI) – Risa and Soriaia
Bella rests and thinks of her sisters in slavery, “Risa leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You’re ours now, pretty one. We are going to prepare you for tomorrow.”
In a few seconds I had lost all authority over them. They were like two mischievous puppies whose idea of play was to bite.”

The Hunt (VII) – The River Man
A meeting with the River Man, “I sank slowly to my knees. There stood his manhood, risen for me, hard for me, aflame for me. A golden cup, I took it and placed it to my lips. My hands softly caressed its long stem and I took a sip, my tongue relishing its fullness and essence.”

The Hunt (VIII) – The Gift
Bella is captured by a rope artist. She is bound and hung from a tree as a gift for all to use. “May it please the Master to be merciful with me. My name is Bella. I am a slave girl in the house of Mistress Theia. I surrender myself willingly to the Master’s grace and mercy.”

The Hunt (IX) – The Lovers (I)
Bella is discovered hanging in the tree by a young couple, Alana and Tonaius, who use her for their own sadistic sex games. “She stood up quickly, looked at the firm rounded ass and slapped it. Thwack! Oh the sonorous beauty of flesh striking flesh.”

The Hunt (X) – The Lovers (II)
Bella is finally rewarded for her submission, “Cock in hand, he was watching us. His was a hungry monster, engorged and drooling, it reared up at me, scenting the heat of my sex.”

The Hunt (XI) – The Prey
Released by Alena and Tonaius, Bella is captured once more by a band of sadistic hunters, “They slapped and pinched me and horrible ravenous wormlike fingers entered my sex and penetrated me as if to feed there.”

The Hunt (XII) – The Runaway
Bella is inspected and whipped by the “Captain”, the leader of the hunters. “Running away, eh?” He grinned, “Well, well… We have special punishments for runaways, don’t we boys?”

The Hunt (XIII) – Caged
Bella is taken to the hunters’ camp for punishment. “They led me behind the tents to some wooden cages which were full of naked slave girls.”

The Hunt (XIV) – Melody (I)
Bella is caged with a beautiful female slave to whom she feels an immediate attraction. “I’d been fingering my pussy for some time and when I opened my eyes my cage mate was staring right at me.

The Hunt (XV) – Melody (II)
At my command she was waking now. Surfacing slowly within the pools and eddies of pleasure that I was conjuring for her.

The Hunt (XVI)  – Melody (III)
Bella’s cage mate is Melody, an innocent young slave entered for the hunt as punishment by a cruel Mistress. “If they whip you tonight, think of the beauty you are. That is why they do it. A whipping is a very beautiful thing. For both slave and Master. It brings us to life. Don’t fear it. Revel in it. The gods have made us so.”

The Hunt (XVII) – The Tormentrix
Bella meets the Tormentrix. “It’s been known for victims to become hopelessly devoted to them, willing submissives addicted to the particular kind of humiliation and excruciating ecstasy only a highly skilled Tormentrix can administer.”

The Hunt (XVIII) – The Tormentrix (II)
“You have an ass that just screams Spank me! Spank me! Did you know that?”

The Hunt (XIX) – “The Kiss of the Cane”
“Is there anything more beautiful than a whipped slave? Look at her. Trapped, bound, arms up-stretched, her tender breasts exposed…”

The Hunt (XX) – “Incarnate”
“Nestled within me, sucking on me, feeding off me, it swelled and grew. Its power overwhelmed me, claiming me for its own, enslaving me to an agony so beautiful, so vast I wanted to lose myself in it forever.

The Hunt (XXI) – “Sebastian Enslaved”
And perhaps sensing the power of my desire, his cock twitched, shifted, and then, very slowly, it began to rise.

The Hunt (XXII) – “The Ancient Ritual”
The erect cock was recently shaved and perfumed, its texture was hard and smooth, like a firmly flexed muscle. Glistening wet it shone darkly in the moonlight, as if it were covered in a thin coat of melted chocolate.

Slave Tales: The Hunt (XXIII) – “The Gladiator”
Gladiators always fought naked and were often celebrated not only for their prowess but also their physical beauty.

Slave Tales: The Hunt (XXIV) – “To the End of the Night”
Suddenly I knew this moment was meant to be. We were one and the the same. Lovers of danger and the dark and the wild eternal night.

Slave Tales: The Hunt (XXV) – “Birdsong”
Gods, what a body he’d been blessed with. His physique was perfectly sculpted, exactly as nature had intended.

Slave Tales: The Hunt (XXVI) – “The Rod and the Riverman”
She cried out and leaned forward suddenly, almost falling onto him. And then with her hands firmly clutching at his chest, her naked breasts gamboling in joyful abandon, she held him down fast, riding him like a wild horse bucking and kicking beneath her.

Slave tales: The Hunt (XXVII) – “Atonement”
To truly experience his love, to fully know its ecstasy and to bathe in the very essence of it, I need his hands upon me both in tenderness and in fury.

Slave Tales: The Hunt (XXVIII) – “Possessed by the Riverman”
My sun. My ruler. My lord. I was just clay. Putty in his hands. Hands that held me captive only to conspire my liberation. Hands that worked me. Whipped me. Forged me. Created me.

Slave tales: The Hunt (XXIX) – The Bathers
I have always loved watching fit young men make love to each other.
So much better than watching them make war.



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